About me 

​PEACE. SERENITY. HAPPINESS is what we all seek. 

When we are young we don't think of life as a journey but as we get older or wiser whichever comes first, we realize that life is all about our journey comprised of decisions and steps along the way hopefully leading us to a place of peace and happiness that comes from within not without. 


I cannot recall what prompted me to take the first step to read Dr. Bradley’s book but when I read  in 2012 after cancer #3.  I guess I was asking God and the universe for some ways to get better and stop having cancer.  My initial goal was simply to learn how to use emotion code energy techniques for myself and my pets.  I signed up for the certification program and after many months was certified in Emotion Code then later in the Body Code program and muscle testing.  Since then I have trained in using the pendulum to ensure my answers were correct.  


I thought my family would think I was crazy to think I could use a muscle test to determine negative emotional blockages which is why initially I didn't share this with them.


As I worked on the certification process that included adults, young people and animals, I decided that this is something I could not keep to myself. Telling anyone I do "energy work" was daunting and risky since most of my friends only see energy as solar panels and electrical or something else.   

I believe we are not on this earth just to make money and buy stuff, yes we need money to function here but this is not our main goal when we decided to have this earthly experience.  In my opinion we are here to make a difference and have different experiences and most important to discover the experience of Joy and Love.   My goal is to leave this place called earth having made it a better place, and how much better can it be if we help each other live better lives.

These energy release session can be conducted in person or remotely - energy like wifi and cell phones don't need wires, right?  So working remotely when you are at rest and with your permission we can work together to identify and release negative energy blocks of emotions. 


I do not heal or diagnose but simply remove trapped emotions that may have settled in the body using energy release techniques.  Making this a better place to live, one person and one emotion at a time is my life's goal especially for children and animals who are most vulnerable.  

If finances are an issue, just talk to me.  My rates are very reasonable. 


With Peace and Joy,