Pets - dogs, cats, and horses

If you have pets you know that they too have feelings.  We know as their owners that they can be happy, sad or depressed or simply afraid.  My Zach (lab-pit) was adopted when he was about one and half years old.  My sons helped pick him out but he basically picked us when we went for our interview.  He was abandoned and found in the street by someone who was good enough to bring him to the shelter.  As I worked on him during my certification for emotion code, I removed so many trapped emotions especially abandonment, terror, anger, helplessness, insecurity, and fear to name a few..  I also removed his heartwall which was 8 inches thick.  I've completed the same for our dog Daisy as well other pets.  


Pets love us so much that they absorb our emotions, they create trapped emotions, and they benefit from the removal of trapped emotions that induce illness and poor disposition.  When we were away for a few days, Daisy, was so stressed that her immune system was compromised enabling parasites to make her sick.  All animals have a normal amount of parasites that their immune system naturally keeps under control but with increased stress the immune system is compromised (just like humans).  


When I sense they have been stressed or when I have had an extremely situation arise for an extended period,  for example if I am away, I will "check in" with them and release a few trapped emotions.  They then quickly respond with peaceful contentment.  Unlike humans, they do not question how this works, they simply accept the new found relief and get back to being happy pets. 

Most pets require a two or three sessions to help with nipping, terror, loss of appetite or aggression.  Keeping them healthy and balanced is joy and helps us better communicate.